For those who want to own a lovely farm land as a sure-fire investment, go green is the answer.

go green is a perfect idea to reap profit from a green philosophy. It allows you to have a fully-developed serene farm land adjacent to major tourist destinations.

The idea is simple and proven to be a great success for the clientele. There are more than 50+ clients within this short span of time, and their testimonials prove the worth of this unique idea.

One of the attractive features of go green is that you do not have to bother about the development of the farm land. The company will cultivate, develop, and maintain the farmland for you for a period of three years. If you want, we will continue to maintain the farm at a nominal charge.

Affordable and flexible payment option is another attraction of go green.

Revenue is assured from this unique venture. Go green and Elatrip, the travel portal, with strong client base particularly across South India, are run by the same management. (Mr.Jose K.George, the seasoned businessman who has an impressive track record particularly in tourism oriented ventures, is at the helm of both go green and elatrip) If you like, you can lease out the farm land to elatrip, and you can avail of a smart monthly income from farm tourism.

The plots are ideally located near major tourist hot spots like Munnar, Kodaikkanal and Thekkady, and that is the main reason of its touristic importance.

Be a part of go green and own a solid and proud investment. Interested? Want to know more about go green? Then, we will send you our corporate video.